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Moncton High School Hockey Classic
CC vs MM
Nov. 25 10:00 am
MEN Div. I
Nov. 25 10:00 am
MEN Div. I
Nov. 25 10:30 am
BM vs HE
Nov. 25 12:00 pm
MEN Div. I
RR vs MM
Nov. 25 2:00 pm

Tournament Information

The 44th Annual Classic Committee would like to introduce you to some of the components of the 44th edition of Moncton's High School Hockey Classic to be held Thursday November 22nd to Sunday November 25th 2018.

The majority of the tournament is held at the SUPERIOR PROPANE CENTRE (4-PLEX) and several games at the NEW EVENT CENTRE in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. The Greater Moncton area has a population of 125,000 and is situated at the Hub of the Canadian Maritimes. The local population is split on a 60 / 40 basis between English and French making the trip here and the tournament itself a cultural experience for many. Moncton City Council, together with our other sponsors is to be congratulated for their leadership. Each year, they encourage a more refined and expansive effort resulting in a well-organized and highly competitive tournament.

Our tournament originally started out in the mid 1970's as an all New Brunswick affair. Later, it expanded to include the best teams from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. During the ensuing years, the tournament continued to draw teams from further away and included representatives from both Ontario and Quebec competing against the Maritime teams. Since 1990 when the Classic became a sixteen team international event, we have hosted teams from Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Sweden, the United States, Switzerland, Hungary, England and 7 of the 10 Canadian Provinces. In the 2001 edition of the tournament, a 6-team women’s division was added. In 2003, it was expanded to 16 female teams. The 44th edition of the tournament will see 24 teams participating. We are inviting AAA & AA high school teams as classified by New Brunswick Department of Education. We expect to have two divisions, Division I and Division II, in both male and female.

Next season's tournament promises to be every bit as exciting and successful, with several teams already having expressed interest. If you are interested in applying for a spot in the 44th edition, please let us know as soon as possible. The limited spots that are available for teams from outside the province of New Brunswick are already beginning to fill for next year's Tournament.

Keep reading to see exactly what we offer...




For all visiting teams we have reserved accommodation at our host hotels (Coastal Inn is our major corporate sponsor and we have a few other selected hotels.). You contact the tournament chairman as soon as possible for the number of rooms that you require for your team (players and coaches). There are many events going on during this November weekend such as the Christmas Parade and the Christmas Craft Show. The hotels are generally situated near Champlain Place Shopping Mall, the biggest shopping centre east of Montreal and hence offer easy access to stores, cinemas and restaurants to both coaches and players.

SPECIAL NOTE: The hotels that we have selected are the best in Greater Moncton. We want to make this an enjoyable experience.


For all participating teams, there is an AWARDS BANQUET on Saturday afternoon.


For teams flying to Moncton, we will help you get the best prices for your local transportation.


Your stay in Moncton will be filled with activities associated with the Tournament. Thursday night is Opening Ceremonies. The AWARDS BANQUET will be Saturday afternoon where there will be food for all the players and four coaches per team.

Other activities such as visits to schools or nearby universities, sightseeing or practice time (at the team's expense) etc., can also be arranged upon request.


Most games are played at the Superior Propane Centre and the NEW EVENT CENTRE IN DOWNTOWN MONCTON with others played at either the Université de Moncton or other arenas around the Greater Moncton area. Each team is guaranteed 3 games in the round robin portion of the tournament. Each tournament game consists of three (3) periods of 16 minutes of stop time. Prior to the start of the game, you will have a five (5) minutes warm-up. The ice will be cleaned after two periods of play throughout the day. Championship Games ice will be cleaned after the 2nd period and after the completion of the game. The Tournament Championship Finals are played Sunday afternoon. Expect good competition and disciplined hockey.


Tournament awards include trophies, plaques, banners, $500.00 bursaries to deserving student athletes, medals, hockey equipment and more, to MVP's, All-stars, and Tournament Champions etc. Each player on the winning teams will receive a Classic Hoody. 



Registration Fee:

There is a $1200 for female and $1300 for male (higher officials cost) registration fee/deposit for all teams, payable when your team's participation in the Tournament is accepted. Of this fee/deposit, $200 will be refunded after the Tournament if you followed all the mandatory requirements (see below). No refunds are given. If games are cancelled due to bad weather, every attempt will be made to reschedule. Games will be shortened if necessary to complete tournament by Sunday.


Because a Tournament of this size and scope requires a significant number of both local and national companies and businesses as sponsors, we require that you book all hotel rooms, and car rentals through us. We strongly recommend that all visiting teams stay at one of our host hotels. If you do not stay at our host hotels (Coastal Inn or from our selected list of hotels) the registration fee is $1400 for female and $1500 for male (higher officials cost) with $200 as a deposit. We also ask when possible during your stay in Moncton, that you schedule as many of the team's meals as possible at restaurants that sponsor the Tournament.


Teams outside of the Eastern Conference should be in Moncton and ready to play by 11:30am on Thursday.

Mandatory: To play in all of your scheduled games (preliminary and playoffs).


We require a good deal of information concerning your team. Various forms of this information are provided to, or required by the media, hockey scouts, hotels, and are necessary for the Tournament Website. Acceptance is confirmed only when we have received your Application Form, cheque or email transfer, team roster (jersey number, full name, position, year of birth and members of the coaching staff), UNSUNG HERO, and team photo (you can do it after an exhibition game or practice). If you do not comply with all the requirements, we will go to the next team on the waiting list. We are only accepting 24 teams this year. If you can appreciate, we are under very strict time constraints with having the tournament in November. Due to multiple reasons, we really had no choice in moving the tournament dates and also have the opportunity to play some games in the beautiful NEW EVENT CENTRE. Scholarship candidates can be submitted no later than November 15th.


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